Machine Tooling

Machine ToolingCornerStone Rack & Tooling has the capabilities to provide all the tooling required to implement any industrial part's process from molding through surface finishing to the installation of the part on the finished product such as an automobile. We can create all of the tooling machines to meet the most demanding industry requirements.

CornerStone Rack & Tooling has experience designing and building degating machines that can cut off all molding runners and plating tabs, as well as trimming flashing on all plastic parts, both before and after the plating process. We have experience with machines that can put metal clips on assembly tabs to ensure proper installation. We also have experience with assembly and press machines that can automatically assemble multiple parts that must fit precisely. These machines can prevent improper alignment and notify an operator that a part is not within specifications.

CornerStone Rack & Tooling uses name brand components on all machine tooling projects to ensure high quality machinery for industry. We can build all types of machined tool surface finishing and material-handling tools, as well as most robotic machinery. CornerStone Rack & Tooling provides operator manuals, parts lists, and wiring diagrams for every machine, so that maintenance personnel will have all the reference material required for troubleshooting and maintenance. For all surface finishing and material handling projects, CornerStone Rack & Tooling is prepared to meet the most demanding requirements of the industry.